New serialized novel: Arthur and the Knights of the Cafeteria Table

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Posted by David on February 1, 2021


Greetings, all,

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Since discovering Wattpad a year or two ago, I've toyed with the idea of serializing one of my novels. I've wanted to see how a serialized novel performs, how one goes about attracting readers, and what momentum builds as a story unfolds chapter by chapter, week by week.

Today, I published the first chapter of Arthur and the Knights of the Cafeteria Table, an epic fantasy novel for young adults. You can read it here.

Every week on this blog, I'll post annotations from each chapter that explore my writing process, how I developed characters, and other topics. For now, you can read the book's synopsis below, and drool over the beautiful cover art illustrated by Adrian Doan Kim, an artist I met through Fiverr. I'll also post links to chapters here as they become available. You can also keep up by following me on my author Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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Forget ponies, Corvettes, and jewelry. All Andrea Roth wants for her sixteenth birthday is to go outside. Her parents deny her, and deep down, she can't blame them. Strange things happen when she goes outside.

When Andrea's parents send her to Haven High School for her sophomore year, she discovers more questions than answers. Why do the school nurse and baseball coach stare at Andrea as if they know her? Did the four new boys at school really turn into serpent-lion monsters and stalk her through the woods?Then Dillon Archer moves in next door, and life gets even stranger. Not only does he share Andrea's birthday down to the second, he sees things, too. Like the flashes of light that transform their neighborhood from a suburb into a medieval kingdom, and baseball players shifting into armored knights wielding swords instead of Louisville Sluggers as they kneel before Andrea and Dillon, proclaiming one of them a king.

And why can't anyone pull Haven High's prized baseball bat from its commemorative pedestal—a bat Andrea and Dillon remember as a sword that one of them pulled from a stone a thousand years ago?


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