"The Sword Speaks" Promo for Heritage

Posted by David on July 28, 2014


On July 1st, Tyche Books, my publisher for HERITAGE, and I kicked off a promotional campaign called "The Sword Speaks" to count down the days until the book's release in paperback and digital formats on July 30th. Every weekday, we published a small article on the characters and world of HERITAGE, as well as interviews with people involved in the book's production.

I began "The Sword Speaks" on my old blog and wanted to carry it over here so you could sample the book before it releases in TWO DAYS. Wow. Two days. I signed the contract a year ago and wrote HERITAGE... well, a long, long time before that. It's hard to believe the book is almost here (and doing quite well already).

Below, I've collected every "The Sword Speaks" interview and profile for your reading pleasure. If you like what you see, please help spread the word about HERITAGE by taking to Twitter and using the hashtags #Heritage and #TheSwordSpeaks in your Tweets.


Day 1: What is HERITAGE?
Day 2: Interview with Lili Ibrahim, cover artist for HERITAGE
Day 3: Interview with Harold Squire, narrator for the audio version of HERITAGE (due for release on Audible.com this fall)
Day 4: A full chapter from HERITAGE
Day 5: Meet Aidan Gairden
Day 6: Magic System
Day 7: The Language of Light
Day 8: The Ordine Gifts
Day 9: Interview with Margaret Curelas, editor of HERITAGE
Day 10: Darinia, the western country
Day 11: Darinia, part 2
Day 12: Leaston, the eastern country
Day 13: Leaston, part 2
Day 14: An interview with... me!
Day 15: Annalyn and Edmund: Aidan's parents
Day 16: Torel, the northern kingdom
Day 17: Sallner, the (forbidden) southern kingdom
Day 18: Daniel, Aidan's best friend
Day 19: Tyrnen, Aidan's mentor and friend


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