Stay Awhile and Listen: Book II – Alpha Draft COMPLETE!

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Posted by David on December 28, 2018


Happy holidays, everyone,

(This blog was originally published to backers of Stay Awhile and Listen: Book II's Kickstarter on December 18. I'm posting it here to share the news to everyone. If you're looking for my yearly Chronicles of Craddock, in which I review my year in writing and offer a glimpse into the projects that lie ahead in the new year, check back in early January.)

I write bearing exciting news: The alpha revision of Stay Awhile and Listen: Book II is finished! I put the finishing touches on the last chapter (that I wrote; I write out of order, so the last chapter of the book wasn’t the last one I worked on) on Saturday.

If you’re interested in stats, here are a few:

  • Pages: 317 (Microsoft Word, 1.5-line spacing), or 605 pages as a trade paperback
  • Words: 134,417
  • Chapters 26: (Introduction, Epilogue, and 24 main chapters)

These are a few words missing from this draft. I haven’t written an introduction; I need to paste in the bibliography and citations pages; and a few sections in the main chapters will be changed because I didn’t have the information I needed to finish them.

If you’re curious about the title of this update, I think of an alpha draft as a draft that only I will read. I consider every draft of every book I write to be an alpha draft until I’m ready for readers to get eyes on it for the first time. That brings us to the next phase. The next revision will be the first beta draft, meaning a version that will be read by my team of beta readers: my wife, who has great editing chops; and one or two pro editor(s).

My plan is to take 2-3 weeks off from Stay Awhile so I can let this draft marinate before digging back into it. I should finish beta draft 1.0 by mid- to late-January. Once I get notes back from my editing team, I’ll complete beta draft 2.0. From there, I’ll quickly cross t’s and dot i’s, and then move into production.

As of right now, everything is still on track for a June 29, 2019, release.

Look for another update in January. Until then, happy holidays, and happy new year!



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