Roguelike Celebration conference in September

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Posted by David on July 1, 2016


Dear readers,

I'm excited and proud to announce I've been invited to speak at Roguelike Celebration, a conference scheduled for Saturday, September 17, in San Francisco.

Roguelike Celebration is, appropriately, a celebration of any and all things roguelike RPGs. I was contacted by Noah Swartz, one of the event's organizers, to speak about DUNGEON HACKS—the process of researching roguelikes, interviewing developers, and compiling my findings into my book.

I'll be in good company; the Celebration will also feature talks by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman, the two co-creators of Rogue; Zach and Tarn Adams, brothers and creators of Dwarf Fortress; Brian Walker of Brogue fame; and many others, some unannounced.

Roguelike Celebration will be held on Saturday, 9/17, from 9:00 to 6:30 Pacific time. Tickets cost in the range of $20-$45. You can find more information, and purchase tickets for Roguelike Celebration here.

Being invited to participate in this event is an honor for me, and exciting prospect on several fronts. First, it marks the first time I've been asked to speak at a conference. In fact, I initially thanked Noah for his offer but turned him down on account of feeling like I didn't quite belong. I'm just a guy who wrote a book on some of his favorite games. Certainly Noah and his co-organizers would be more interested in providing accommodations for developers. But Noah is quite persuasive, and I decided to jump at the chance.

Second, because I want and need more experience speaking in public. I haven't had many occasions to do that. I have no problem helping to promote books and events related to those books. I've done interviews over email, Skype, and the phone. I've sat in on podcasts and video chats. I coordinate with outlets to run excerpts from books. And more and more, I leverage social media to help spread word of my publications and events pertaining to them.

But speaking in public terrifies me. It probably always will. Rather than shy away from them, opportunities like this one will give me a chance to hone my skills. So, I'm San Francisco-bound in a few months.

Which brings me to the third and final reason for my excitement. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for four years of my life. I have family there, and fond memories of my time there. I've missed the place, and viewed my invitation to speak at Roguelike Celebration as the perfect occasion to visit my old stomping grounds.

I've arranged it so I'll be staying six days after the conference, plenty of time to catch up with family and revisit places that will always hold a special place in my heart.

I hope to meet some of you this September. Bring your copy of DUNGEON HACKS for me to sign, or if you're able to attend Roguelike Celebration, you can purchase a copy and get it signed there.

Happy reading,



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